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5 Reasons You May Not Be Able To Get Car Insurance

Car insurance companies work hard to make sure the customers they cover are as honest and reliable as possible. There are several reasons your current car insurance provider may decide to drop you as a customer.

Getting a DUI or DWI Arrest

When you’re arrested for DUI or DWI, the arresting officer immediately takes away your driver’s license, suspending your right to drive. According to new drunk driving laws in California, drivers who accumulate three DUI convictions can lose their license for up to ten years.

The record of your arrest and subsequent conviction is forwarded to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Because insurance companies check their customers’ driving records periodically, a DUI conviction may be discovered quickly. Your insurance provider definitely will be alerted to the conviction when you request an SR-22 Certificate of Financial Responsibility which is required for reinstatement of your license once the suspension period has ended.

No matter when your carrier is notified, it can immediately drop your coverage, refuse to renew it when the current coverage period ends, or raise your rates substantially. One San Bernadino DUI lawyer says he helps his clients to navigate the often confusing process of getting insurance coverage following a DUI arrest. So it is always worthwhile talking with your lawyer following a conviction about obtaining insurance going forward.

Having a bad driving record

Auto insurance companies don’t want to cover customers who have poor driving records. Accidents in which you were at fault are a prime reason an insurance provider will refuse to provide coverage or will substantially raise your rates. Numerous speeding tickets and other moving violations, such as running red lights or being cited for unsafe driving, can make your insurance company reconsider covering you.

Reporting false information on the application

When you apply for an auto insurance policy, you must state that you have answered the questions truthfully. If you decide to fudge the truth a bit, such as claiming that you park your car in a locked garage overnight when in reality it sits on the street in a high-crime area, your coverage may be dropped for false statements. Most states allow insurance providers to drop your coverage if you fail to report a change in your risk category, such as when you purchase a sports car to replace the family car but neglect to inform your insurer.

Making fraudulent claims

Car insurance companies don’t appreciate customers who pad the amount of damage their car received on an accident claim form. They particularly dislike customers who report their car stolen when it was actually destroyed. If you attempt get a friend to help you falsify a car repair estimate or replicate a police report on a stolen vehicle, you can likely count on being found out. Insurance companies hit with a fraudulent claim will immediately revoke your policy once the fraud is uncovered.

Missing a payment

Some businesses are forgiving when you miss a payment, but car insurance companies aren’t. Companies have the right to cancel your coverage immediately after midnight on the first day your payment is late. Unlike other types of insurance companies, auto insurance companies don’t offer a 31-day grace period. If you’ve missed a payment and no longer have car insurance, you’ll have to get coverage from another company before you can continue driving. This can be very difficult, since insurance companies are often reluctant to pick up new customers who have just been cancelled by another carrier.

Doing your best to be honest and forthright and to keep your driving record clean will help you maintain a positive relationship with your auto insurance company. Stephen Levine, a San Bernadino criminal attorney advises that if you’ve had problems in the past, talking with your lawyer can help you understand your rights and deal with any issues that might lead to cancellation of your insurance coverage.

This article was written for by Georgina Clatworthy, the former editor of respected legal site 1Lawyersource and a freelance writer. She is now a contributing writer for the attorneys at DUI firm, Milligan, Beswick, Levine and Knox.

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